Cannabis Dog Treats

Cannabis Dog Treats

Giving cannabis to your pets? Is that safe? Well don’t give your dog a pot cookie with human portions, and be wary of anything with high THC content, but there are some companies that have played with creating hemp and CBD products specifically for pets.

Many stories of pets being successfully treated by marijuana are anecdotal, as getting approval for federal research into the subject has proven exceedingly difficult and vets aren’t legally allowed to prescribe it. Still, many scientists remain determined to study the effects medical marijuana can have on pets, and some local politicians in states like California have introduced bills to try and legalize prescribing cannabis for them.

More in depth studies would allow us to determine just how true many of the claims – that CBD can help pet owners treat cancer, epilepsy, osteoporosis, joint pain, and anxiety – actually are. Still, hemp and cannabidiol haven’t shown themselves to have any extraordinary risk to dogs, as long as you remain cautious; not every company that claims their CBD products have minimal THC is telling the truth. Too much THC is NOT good for dogs.

Should you have already decided to try CBD for your pup’s ailment, there are options. Canna-pet offer hemp dog treats in several flavors as well as tinctures, which are another popular method for pets as some can be picky about treats and capsules. Dispensaries in Colorado may also sell treats for your dog.

But as mentioned, be more careful about cannabis products for your dog. The lack of federal regulation or adequate studies means there’s no real concrete determination of how much is too much for dogs. Cannabis products made for pets are made strictly for practical purposes; don’t get them high.